Pinja Universal Primer - Water-borne alkyd paint

Pinja Universal Primer
APIBŪDINIMAS A water-borne alkyd primer.

Suitable for priming of exterior boards and panels.

Paskirtis An all-round primer for sawn or planed timber.

Papildomos savybės Gives good protection for 6–10 months and a good priming coat for either water-borne or solvent-borne paint.
Can be thinned even 1:1 with water.
Bazė AP ir C
Spalva White 0301 in 1000 litres container, other shades from the Tikkurila House Paint colour card.
Spalvų katalogai AVATINT tinting system.
Blizgumas Matinis
Emisijos klasifikacija Emission levels of this paint fulfils the E1-classification. Paint has been tested according to EN 717-1, and formaldehyde emission is less than 0.124 mg/m3 air.
Teorinė išeiga

Recommended spreading amounts (unthinned)

Theoretical coverage




30 µm

110 g/m2

9–10 m2/l

Practical coverage depends on the application method, painting conditions and the shape and roughness of the surface to be coated.
Skiediklis Vanduo

Airless spraying, air-assisted airless spraying, conventional spraying and vacuum application.

Džiūvimo laikas

100 - 120 g/m2


Dry to handle, loose timber, after

6–12 h

Dry to stack, after

24 h


3–8 min

Drying and recoating times are related to the film thickness, temperature, the relative humidity of the air and ventilation.
Sausasis likutis 34 volume-%, 46 weight-%.
Tankis 1.23 kg/l
Gaminio kodas 469 6201 (AP-base paint), 469 6003 (C-base paint)

Dengimo sąlygos The surface to be treated has to be clean and dry. The moisture content of sawn timber has to be below 20%. The temperature of the air, the surface to be treated and the primer has to be at least +5ºC and the relative humidity of the air below 80%.
Paviršiaus paruošimas Clean surface from possible dirt, dust and loose material.
Dengimas For airless spraying, the product is thinned approximately 50% to the viscosity 30–40s (DIN4). Recommended nozzle tip is 0.013–0.015" and pressure 120-180 bar. Spray angle shall be chosen according to the shape of the object.

For air-assisted airless spraying, the product is thinned approximately 55% to the viscosity 20–30s (DIN4). Recommended nozzle tip is “0.013–0.015” and pressure 40–140 bar. Atomising air pressure should be about 1–3 bar. Spray angle shall be chosen according to the shape of the object.

For conventional spraying, the product is thinned approximately 55% to the viscosity 20–30s (DIN4). Recommended nozzle tip is 1.6–2.0 mm and pressure 2–3 bar.

For vacuum application the product is thinned approximately 40% to the viscosity 50–60s (DIN4).
Dažymas Choose the colour of the primer in accordance with the colour of the finishing paint. Finish the surfaces with Pika-Teho, Vinha, Ultra or Teho at the earliest after 24 hours from priming.
Komponentų maišymas Stir the primer carefully before use. Avoid flotation. Thin with water.
Įrankių valymas Water.
Lakiųjų organinių junginių kiekis (LOJ) (direktyva 2004/42/EB) The Volatile Organic Compounds amount is 10g/litre of paint.
Maximum VOC content in ready to use paint (thinned 50% by volume) is 5g/l.

pagal reglamentą EB Nr. 1272/2008
Containers are provided with safety labels, which should be observed. Further information about hazardous influences and protection are detailed in individual health and safety data sheets. A health and safety data sheet is available on request from Tikkurila Oyj. For industrial and professional use only.
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