Dicco Lasyr - Transparent stain

APIBŪDINIMAS A solvent borne transparent stain.
SAVYBĖS A semi-opaque stain for wooden surfaces indoors.
Paskirtis Recommended for furniture, doors of kitchen fittings and other wooden surfaces.

Spalvų katalogai TEMASPEED tinting. The shade of the product may vary according to the used wood material.
Emisijos klasifikacija The stain does not contain free formaldehyde and after drying it does not emit formaldehyde to the environment.
Teorinė išeiga

0.5 m2/l (100 μm).

Practical coverage depends on the application method, painting conditions and the shape and roughness of the surface to be coated.
Skiediklis 1033 ir 1027

Application technique

Viscosity DIN4

Low pressure spraying

Delivery viscosity

Airless spraying

Delivery viscosity

Džiūvimo laikas

(40 - 100 g/m2)

20 ºC

50 ºC

Recoatable, after

30 min

10 min

Drying and recoating times are related to the film thickness, temperature, the relative humidity of the air and ventilation.
Sausasis likutis about 10 - 15 weight %.
Tankis 0.85 - 0.95 kg/litre.
Gaminio kodas 313 serie

Dengimo sąlygos The surface to be treated has to be clean and dry. During application and drying the temperature of the air, the surface to be treated and the stain has to be over 18 ºC and the relative humidity of the air below 70 %.
Beicavimas Stir the stain very carefully before use. Stir also after breaks during working day before continuing the work. The stain is ready for use.

Different application methods and sorts of wood may cause variations of the colour of the stain. The colour and intensity of the stain should be verified before applying.
Įrankių valymas Thinner 1033 or 1027.
Lakiųjų organinių junginių kiekis (LOJ) (direktyva 2004/42/EB) The Volatile Organic Compounds amount is 800 g/litre of paint.
Maximum VOC content in ready to use paint (thinned 10 % by volume) is 800 g/l.

pagal reglamentą EB Nr. 1272/2008
Containers are provided with safety labels, which should be observed. Further information about hazardous influences and protection are detailed in individual health and safety data sheets. A health and safety data sheet is available on request from Tikkurila Oy.
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