Cleaning agents Tikkurila
Cleaning Agents -brochure Your home is worth regular cleaning. By removing dirt, salt, dust and impurities from exterior surfaces your house gets a fresh appearance. Use Tikkurila cleaning detergents also for washing painting tools, deckings, garden furniture, as well as for preparing the surfaces to be painted.
ClimateCooler - an intelligent roof-painting system
ClimateCooler_brochure_final Tikkurila offers an intelligent roof-painting system that reflects solar radiation back into space. Intelligent roofing reduces the need for air conditioning, and has a positive effect not only on the environment but also the indoor climate of buildings, and reduces energy bills. ClimateCooler
Drytech - functional products
Drytech_brochure_ENG Tikkurila Drytech products are a series of functional coatings, based on a unique, microporous matrix technology. They are sustainable and easy-to-use solutions for professionals, industries and consumers alike for solving problems related to mold, condensation, noise and asbestos. Drytech_functional_coatings
Feelings - Paints that colour your lifestyle
Feelings - Feelings brochure
Feelings Watertight System
Feelings watertight system brochure Water-borne Feelings Extra Durable is easy to paint with. Extra Durable has excellent adhesion, so you can also use it to paint over old alkyd paint finishes. Your bathroom walls and ceiling will be waterproof if you will use waterproof filler, Feelings Moisture Stop, Feelings Universal primer and Feelings Extra Durable paint two times. Feelings Watertight brochure
Floor varnishes Tikkurila Parketti-Ässä brochure
cover parketti assa A5 brochure en Protect your wooden floors and make them durable with Parketti-Ässä parquet lacquer. Excellent crack and wear protection. Tint the floor with Parketti-Ässä Stain prior to lacquering.
Rostex Super Akva - Waterborne Metal Primer
cover rostex super akva brochureA5 GB Rostex Super Akva Metal Primer completes the waterborne coating system for treating metal sheeted roofs and other metal surfaces from the bottom to the top. After priming with Rostex Super Akva use waterborne Panssari Akva Roof Paint or Luja Finishing Paint in interior use as a topcoat.
Supi Sauna - for excellent sauna protection
supi sauna brochure cover The Supi product line adds ambience in the sauna and beautifully protects the surface of wood. It also makes keeping the sauna clean easy. The new Supi Sauna Wax can also be used to tint the sauna benches – in a natural way. Supi Arctic is a wall finish that contains glitter, adding a bit of luxury to your sauna experience.
Surface Treatment of Thermally Modified Wood
Surface treatment of thermally modified wood Tikkurila has developed wood finishes together with the producers of thermally modified wood to achieve best performance. The warm colour of thermally modified wood is retained when the surface is treated with a wood finish/oil tinted to match the original colour. Surface Treatment of Thermally Modified Wood
Tunto - Feel good paints
Tunto brochure - Tunto brochure
Valtti Wood Oils
Valtti Wood Oils Cover Protect and renew your garden and terrace furniture and other wooden structures – terraces, steps and jetties – with Valtti Wood Oils. They protect wood against moisture and dirt, and help reduce surface cracking and discolouration.
Valtti Wood Protection
brochure valtti gb A5 frontpage Protective wood primers and finishes for outdoor use: Valtti Akvabase, Valtti Base, Valtti Akvacolor, Valtti Color, Valtti Color Extra, Valtti Arctic