Effect Painting Guide
Effect painting Tikkurila guide

Innovate, become inspired and succeed. Create personal interior desings with Tikkurila Feelings Paints, Taika Pearlescent Paints and Glazes and Tunto Textured Finishes.

External painting of wooden houses
external painting of wooden houses Tla guide

A wooden house with the correct surface treatment will maintain its value for a long time and continue our centuries-old living traditions.

Floor Painting Guide - Durable beauty
Floor painting guide

Easy to keep clean. Safe to walk on. Beautiful and durable. These are properties we require of a good floor surface. For best results,Tikkurila's selection offers high-quality and proven products for painting both concrete and wooden floors. You'll find great ideas for floor painting!

Furniture Finishing Guide - A fresh look with new ideas and new paint
Furniture finishing Tikkurila guide

Painting and lacquering furniture is easy, rewarding and quick way to spruce up your home. Discover ideas, grab a paint brush and start!

Furniture Painting Guide
cover furniture painting

Paint new life into the furniture and small objects in your house - inexpensively. Recycling and tuning is ecological and fun. One paint can may extend a life of old flea market furniture and object.

Interior Painting Guide
Interior painting Tikkurila Guide

Colour your home to reflect your personality using interior paints, lacquers and oils. A guide containing experts' ideas, painting tips and practical advice.

Log Protection Guide
Log protection Tikkurila Guide

Timber is a living material and increasingly popular also for permanent residences. This guide provides you with the knowledge and expertise that Tikkurila and log house manufacturers have on treating log surfaces.

Lumi Guide and Colour Card
Lumi Guide and Colour Card

Snow takes on subtle shades of white under different light conditions. That was the inspiration for the new brilliant white paint, which can be tinted to off white shades. The paint is named Lumi, which is the Finnish word for snow. Lumi is a truly brilliant white interior paint. Its surface is full-matt and velvety. It invites light into your home and lets it shimmer through your rooms. Furnish your home with the delicate touches of freshly fallen snow and the startling brightness of untouched snowdrifts. Everything has changed. White is no longer white, but snow-white like Lumi!

Lumi Guide and Colour Card
Painting masonry buildings - How to treat mineral surfaces
Painting masonry buildings Tikkurila guide

Mineral based facades need colour and protection. Walls, facades, balconies should last for decades under severe weather conditions. Tikkurila has developed durable and trustworth products for mineral substrates.

Roof Painting Guide - How to paint new and old metal, felt and concrete roofs
cover roof painting quide tikkurila

This guide explains the general stress that is directed at roofs and the special characteristics of different roofing materials, as well as providing pre-treatment and painting instructions for new and maintenance painting of outdoor roofs. At the end of the guide you will find the technical information of Tikkurila's products for roofs and general painting tips.

Stencil Painting Guide
Stencil painting guide

The Tikkurila stencil collection includes large and striking stencils which you can use in many diff erent ways. You can pattern entire wall surfaces and create a wallpaper eff ect or spotlight a particular detail in the room.

Stencil painting guide
Taika Guide and Colour Card
Taika cover

With shimmering Taika Pearl Paints and translucent Pearl Glazes you can create magical spaces with dreamlike, fairytale ambience. You can order a colour card from us, the colour samples are not included in digipaper.

Tunto - Textured finishes for interior walls
Tunto - Textured finishes for interior walls

Colour has never been such a tactile adventure. Texture and colour have finally found each other. When you design individualised effect surfaces for interior walls, you can now freely combine colours and various surface textures. Get inspired, unleash your imagination - Tunto textured finishes bring the third dimension to colour.

Tunto Guide - Textured finishes for interior walls